Role of AI and different types of content marketing

47 Revolutionary AI Tools to Elevate Your Content Marketing

With the evolving digital landscape, embracing AI-powered tools has become essential for content marketers looking to stay ahead of the curve. 

By leveraging the insights and capabilities of different types of content marketing and these 49 handpicked AI tools, you will have the power to optimize your content marketing efforts, drive engagement, and achieve remarkable results. 

Get ready to unlock your potential and revolutionize your content marketing strategy with these cutting-edge tools.

Let’s go!

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Table of Index

  1. Blogging and Article Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Video Marketing
  4. Infographics and Visual Content
  5. Podcasting
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Ebooks and Whitepapers
  8. Conclusion

Blogging and Article Marketing:

The first type of content marketing is Blogging and article marketing.

Blogging and article marketing have long been recognized as effective content marketing strategies. 

Creating high-quality blog posts and articles allows you to establish thought leadership, educate your audience, and drive organic website traffic. 

By incorporating relevant keywords and providing valuable insights, you can attract and engage their target audience, ultimately leading to increased brand awareness and conversions.

These AI tools of content marketing can help you out here. Have a look-

1. Grammarly

If you ever have written content or a script or dealt with college assignments, then Grammarly is the most common name for you.

Starting from better word choices to error-free content, grammar is the best partner for you while writing content.

2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an AI tool that helps you identify popular topics and trends in your niche. 

It analyzes social media shares and engagement to provide insights on the most shared and trending content. 

With BuzzSumo, you can discover content ideas, identify influential bloggers to collaborate with and monitor your competitors’ content strategies.

3. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Headlines are crucial for attracting readers to your blog posts. 

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer uses AI to analyze the effectiveness of your headlines. 

It provides feedback on the emotional appeal, word balance, and length of your headlines, helping you create catchy and attention-grabbing titles.

4. Clearscope

Clearscope is an AI-powered content optimization tool that helps you create SEO-friendly blog posts. 

It analyzes search engine results pages (SERPs) and provides data-driven recommendations for optimizing your content. 

Clearscope suggests relevant keywords, outlines ideal word count, and provides content quality insights to improve your blog’s visibility and ranking.

5. HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator

If you’re struggling with generating blog post ideas, HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator can come to your rescue. 

This AI tool asks for a few keywords related to your industry or topic and generates a list of potential blog post titles. 

While not all suggestions may be perfect, they definitely can boost your creativity and help you brainstorm new content ideas.

6. Google Analytics

While not exclusively an AI tool, Google Analytics utilizes machine learning to provide valuable insights into your blog’s performance. 

It tracks key metrics such as website traffic, user behavior, conversion rates, and more.

You can start your monthly goals by setting Smart Goals and Predictive Analytics, Google Analytics helps you understand your audience better and make data-driven decisions to optimize your blog marketing strategy.

7. Acrolinx

Acrolinx helps you ensure consistent and high-quality content across your blog and other marketing channels. 

It analyzes your content for tone, style, and grammar consistency based on your brand guidelines. 

Acrolinx also provides real-time suggestions to improve readability and adherence to your brand voice.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media platforms have transformed the way you interact with your audience. 

Social media marketing involves creating and sharing content on social media platforms to engage and connect with potential customers. 
While researching this topic, we found “Think Media’s Social Media Content Strategy for Entrepreneurs.”

Through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can share a variety of content formats, including text posts, images, videos, and infographics. 

This content marketing strategy helps you to build a loyal following, increase brand visibility, and drive website traffic.

Hence, this stands on the position list of the second type of content marketing.

See how we used LinkedIn for social media marketing

LinkedIn marketing of Credofy Solutions

To maximize your social media efforts, here are some of the best AI tools that can assist you in social media marketing:

8. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a popular social media management tool that integrates AI features. 

It allows you to schedule and manage your social media posts across multiple platforms from a single dashboard. 

Hootsuite provides insights on post-performance, audience engagement, and social media trends, helping you optimize your social media strategy.

9. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another comprehensive social media management tool that leverages AI capabilities. 

It offers features like scheduling posts, monitoring social media conversations, and tracking brand mentions. 

With AI-powered sentiment analysis, Sprout Social helps you understand the sentiment behind social media conversations about your brand, enabling you to respond and engage effectively.

10. Mention

Just stop doing any other stuff after reading this blog and try out all these AI tools. They are just lit.

One of them is Mention. This tool helps you to track down your brand, competitors, or relevant keywords across various social media platforms. 

It provides real-time alerts and analytics, allowing you to monitor conversations, identify trends, and engage with your audience promptly.

11. Canva

You can never forget about the versatile features of Canva, right?

As you all know, Canva is one of the most amazing tools for playing around with your design and content.

With pre-designed templates, image editing tools, and AI-powered design suggestions you can create professional-looking graphics and videos for your social media posts.

12. Socialbakers

A marketing suite that offers a range of features, including content scheduling, performance analytics, and audience segmentation. 



With AI-driven insights, Socialbakers provides recommendations for optimizing your content strategy, identifying high-performing posts, and targeting the right audience.

13. AdEspresso

Need a social media advertising tool that simplifies the process of creating and managing ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn?

Well, AdEspresso is there for you!

It offers features like automated ad optimization, audience targeting, and performance tracking, helping you maximize your ad spending and drive better results.

14. Chatfuel

An AI-powered chatbot platform that integrates with popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. 

It enables you to create and automate chatbot interactions for customer support, lead generation, and engagement. 

With AI-driven natural language processing, Chatfuel allows you to provide personalized and interactive experiences for your social media audience.

Video Marketing

We loved how Sean from Think Media has discovered 10 amazing video marketing strategies for Real Estate companies

Video marketing is such a power-boosting type of content marketing that can 10X your conversion within just one day or a few minutes.

Therefore, this list has video marketing as its third type of content marketing.

This marketing type has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its engaging and dynamic nature. 

You can leverage platforms like YouTube and Vimeo to create and share videos that educate, entertain, or inspire your target audience. 

Whether it’s product demonstrations, customer testimonials, or explainer videos, video marketing enables you to convey your message effectively, enhance brand storytelling, and create a solid emotional connection with viewers.

YouTube is the best option for us. Have a look-

YouTube marketing as a part of content marketing

To enhance your video creation and marketing efforts, use these AI tools for content marketing:

15. Biteable

This AI tool is a combination of a wide range of templates, stock footage, and animations. 

It allows you to create professional-looking videos easily, even without prior video editing experience. 

You definitely can customize templates, and add text, graphics, and music to create engaging videos for your marketing campaigns.

16. Lumen5

Lumen5 is an AI-driven video creation tool specifically designed for turning written content into engaging videos. 

It uses natural language processing to analyze your blog posts, articles, or social media content and automatically generates video scenes with relevant visuals, text, and background music. 

Lumen5 helps you quickly create compelling videos from your existing written content.

17. Powtoon

Powtoon is a video animation platform that allows you to create animated videos and presentations. 

It offers a wide range of customizable templates, characters, and animations to bring your ideas to life. 

You can create dynamic and engaging videos for educational content, product demos, or promotional campaigns.

18. Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei is an AI and machine learning platform integrated into various Adobe Creative Cloud applications, including Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. 

It offers AI-powered features such as automatic video editing, intelligent audio processing, and advanced visual effects. 

Adobe Sensei helps streamline video editing tasks and enhances the overall video production process.

19. Animoto

It offers customizable templates, stock images, and a vast library of licensed music tracks.

Animoto’s AI technology automatically analyzes your content and suggests appropriate visuals, transitions, and effects, resulting in visually appealing videos for marketing purposes.

Infographics and Visual Content

In today’s fast-paced world, visual content has a significant impact on capturing the audience’s attention. 

Infographics, images, charts, and graphs are powerful tools for simplifying complex information and making it more digestible. 

Semrush had a 1-hour Live stream on “How to Level Up Your Content Marketing Using Infographics.”

Watch it out!

By presenting data in a visually appealing format, you can convey your message quickly and engage your audience. 

Therefore, including Infographics and visual content is considered to be the best type of content marketing strategy.

Infographics and visual content are highly shareable, allowing you to increase their reach and drive traffic to their websites.

We have recently used Canva for the same. Check it out!

Fourth type of content marketing

To assist you in creating visually appealing and informative infographics, here are some of the best AI tools available:

20. Canva

Canva is a versatile graphic design platform that offers a wide range of templates and tools for creating infographics and visual content. 

It provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and a vast library of icons, images, and fonts. 

You will get suggestions and resizing options make it easy to create professional-looking infographics without any prior design experience.

21. Piktochart

Piktochart is a popular AI-powered infographic maker that simplifies the process of creating visually stunning infographics. 

It offers a variety of templates, icons, charts, and interactive elements to convey information effectively. 

Piktochart’s AI features to assist in layout design, color schemes, and font pairing, ensuring that your infographics are visually appealing and well-structured.

22. Visme

Visme is a comprehensive visual content creation tool that includes infographic templates, data visualization tools, and interactive features. 

It allows you to customize your infographics with images, videos, charts, and animations. 

Visme’s AI-powered charts and infographic templates help you visualize data and present information in a visually compelling manner.

23. Venngage

Venngage offers a wide range of customizable templates and design elements. 

It provides drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy to create eye-catching infographics. 

Features like automated chart generation, layout suggestions, and font pairing recommendations are included here.

24. is an intuitive infographic maker that offers a variety of pre-designed templates and customizable elements. 

It enables you to create visually engaging infographics by adding icons, images, charts, and text.’s AI-powered design tools assist in aligning and arranging elements, ensuring that your infographics have a clean and professional look.

25. Infogram

Infogram uses AI for data visualization and infographic.

It offers a wide range of chart types, maps, and interactive elements. 

This AI tool helps you to import, organize, and visualize data effectively, enabling you to create informative and engaging infographics.

26. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a professional graphic design software that incorporates AI features. 

It provides powerful tools for creating intricate and customizable infographics. 

Adobe Illustrator’s AI-powered tools, such as image trace and pattern generation, enhance the design process and allow you to create highly detailed and visually stunning infographics.


The fifth type of content marketing, Podcasting has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity, offering you a unique opportunity to reach your audience through audio content. 

By hosting podcasts, you can share their expertise, interview industry leaders, and provide valuable insights on relevant topics. 

Podcasts enable one to build a loyal and dedicated following, enhance brand authority, and establish personal connections with listeners.

What’s your perfect podcast marketing mix?

Here are some of the best AI tools for content marketing available:

27. Descript

Descript made audio editing and transcription a bit easier for every creative head.

It allows you to edit your podcast episodes by simply editing the text transcription. 

Here the major features include automatic transcription, text-based editing, and removing filler words or mistakes from the audio. 

It simplifies the editing process and saves time in post-production.


Riverside. fm is your “dear buddy” when you want to get high-quality audio and video recording’s AI helps in improving audio quality by removing background noise and echo, ensuring professional sound for your podcast episodes.

29. Audioburst

This AI tool transcribes and indexes podcasts, making them searchable by topic or keyword. 

Audioburst’s AI capabilities enable you to discover relevant podcast clips and snippets to share on social media, increasing your podcast’s visibility and reach.

30. Headliner

Headliner is an AI-driven video creation tool specifically designed for promoting podcasts on social media. 

It allows you to create eye-catching video clips using your podcast audio, transcriptions, and customizable templates. 

Headliner’s AI features to assist in generating waveform animations, subtitles, and captions, making your podcast content visually appealing and shareable.

31. Chartable

For getting insights into your podcast’s performance, including listener demographics, episode engagement, and audience growth you can go with Chartable without any second thoughts.

Chartable’s AI capabilities help in understanding your audience better, optimizing marketing strategies, and tracking the impact of promotional efforts.

32. Rephonic

Rephonic is used to streamline the editing and post-production process. 

It uses AI algorithms to analyze and enhance audio quality, remove background noise, and normalize audio levels. 

Rephonic’s AI tools help in delivering professional-sounding podcast episodes efficiently.

33. Podcorn

It connects podcasters with potential sponsors and advertisers, simplifying the process of monetizing your podcast. 

Podcorn’s AI capabilities assist in matching podcasters with relevant sponsorship opportunities, ensuring a seamless and effective partnership.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective types of content marketing strategies, allowing you to nurture relationships with your audience. 

By providing valuable content, exclusive offers, and personalized recommendations, you can engage and convert subscribers into loyal customers. 

Email marketing also serves as a powerful tool for lead generation and customer retention, allowing them to deliver targeted messages directly to their audience’s inbox.
Have a look at this email marketing strategy of

Best AI tools for content marketing

Listing the best AI tools for content marketing.

34. Phrasee

Improve your email subject lines and copy with Phrasee. 

It uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyze your brand’s tone and style, providing recommendations for more compelling and engaging email content. 

Phrasee’s AI capabilities enable you to create subject lines that resonate with your audience and increase open rates.

35. Persado

To optimise your email marketing campaigns by creating more persuasive and personalized messages Persado is used by marketers.

It uses AI-driven language models to analyze the emotional appeal of your email content and suggests improvements to enhance the effectiveness of your messaging. 

Persado’s AI algorithms enable you to craft emails that resonate with your audience on a deeper level.

36. Seventh Sense

Another one under this list is Seventh Sense.

It analyzes your email engagement data and uses machine learning algorithms to determine the best time to send emails to individual subscribers. 

By delivering emails when your audience is most likely to engage, Seventh Sense helps you improve open rates, click-through rates, and overall email performance.

37. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an all-in-one marketing platform that incorporates AI capabilities into its email marketing features. 

It offers features like send-time optimization, email personalization, and predictive insights. 

Sendinblue’s AI tools help you create more personalized and targeted email campaigns, resulting in improved engagement and conversions.

38. Mailchimp

Mailchimp, is a popular email marketing platform, including advanced segmentation, automated personalization, and predictive analytics. 

Mailchimp’s AI tools enable you to send targeted emails based on subscriber behavior, create personalized content, and analyze campaign performance.

39. GetResponse

GetResponse is an AI-powered email marketing platform that offers features like email personalization, automation, and predictive analytics. 

Its AI-driven tools help you create dynamic email content based on subscriber behavior and preferences. 

GetResponse’s AI features to assist in optimizing email campaigns, improving deliverability, and increasing engagement.

40. ActiveCampaign

This tool provides AI-driven features like predictive sending, machine learning-powered segmentation, and customer scoring. 

ActiveCampaign’s AI tools help you automate personalized email journeys based on user behavior, optimize email delivery times, and segment your audience effectively.

Ebooks and Whitepapers

Long-form content such as ebooks and whitepapers allows to showcase your expertise and provide in-depth knowledge to your target audience. 

These content formats are particularly effective for B2B marketing, where you can offer comprehensive insights, research findings, and industry trends. 

By providing valuable resources, you can position yourself as a thought leader and attract high-quality leads.
Here’s a standard narrative arc of a white paper by publicize

Use the best AI tools of content marketing to optimize your ebook writing

To optimize your ebook and white paper writing and marketing efforts, here are some of the best AI tools for content marketing available:

41. Grammarly

Here comes Grammarly again with its amazing features to improve your ebook and white paper writing. 

Detecting grammar and spelling errors and providing polished content can help you.

42. Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach is a content optimization tool that helps improve the readability and engagement of your ebooks and white papers. 

It analyzes your writing style, target audience, and goals to provide recommendations for enhancing your content. 

Atomic Reach’s AI features help optimize sentence structure, word choice, and overall readability.

43. Copyscape

Copyscape is an AI-powered plagiarism checker that ensures the originality of your ebook or white paper content. 

It scans the internet to identify any instances of content duplication, helping you maintain the integrity of your work and avoid any potential plagiarism issues.

44. Topic

It analyzes your desired topic and provides a detailed outline and suggested subtopics to include in your ebook or white paper. 

Topic’s AI capabilities assist in structuring your content and ensuring comprehensive coverage of the subject matter.

45. Wordtune

This tool helps improve the clarity and effectiveness of your ebook or white paper content. It provides suggestions for rephrasing sentences, improving readability, and enhancing the overall flow of your writing. 

Wordtune’s AI capabilities enable you to create concise and compelling content.

46. Ceros

Ceros allows you to transform your ebooks and white papers into engaging, interactive experiences. 

With Ceros, you can incorporate animations, videos, quizzes, and interactive elements to make your content more visually appealing and interactive.

47. DocSend

DocSend is majorly used for document tracking and analytics tool. 

It provides insights into how your ebooks or white papers are being consumed by your audience, including who viewed the document, which sections were read the most, and how much time was spent on each page. 

DocSend’s AI capabilities help you understand engagement levels and optimize your marketing strategies.


Content marketing aims to generate an audience base that will convert and be profitable for the business.

Including AI in your hard work makes you smarter. 

With these 7 types of content marketing, you can enhance your promotion and boost your conversions efficiently. 

With AI, it’s time for you to 2X your profit within a short period of time.

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