Website Strategy

Failing to plan is planning to fail – plan for success

Why do Website Strategy?

Create cohesive, engaging, meaningful and sustainable solution that addresses the needs, challenges and pain points of target customers

Higher Conversions

A targeted website strategy not only improves your website design, but also increases overall conversions. Convincingly guide customers to act on the CTA.

Increase Bottomline

See your profit margin soar through the roof. With higher conversion rates, the bottom line of your company will definitely increase. Strategy helps achieve this.

Higher Retention

With the right action plan and strategy you have an insight into how to retain your target audience and get good word of mouth referrals.

You need an influential marketing strategy to get the user on your website first.

Then you need an attractive and targeted branding and messaging strategy to convince him to scroll further down your website.

Finally you need a captivating content and design strategy to give him the best user experience in order to covert him.

If you miss any of these then there is a possibility that your site will not convert

What type of strategies we do ?


Content Stratgey

Do not give your customers Ho-Hum content! Yes, content is king, but only if you plan what type of content you will publish. One should have an ultimate Content Strategy to rule the internet,

Design Strategy

A good user expereince anhances conversions. Strategy helps you vcreate an engaging UX. It should cover aspects such as user flows, wire framing, prototypes, etc.

Marketing Strategy

In the movie “Hotel Transylvania” monsters build a hotel inaccessible to humans. Should your website be like this? Srategize to BRING customers to you.

The right strategy not only helps in designing an interface that is good, accessible and functional, but it also helps in accomplishing your goals and building a message that connects well with your target audience

What else is Covered in Website Strategy?

Growth hacking

In website strategy, it is not just how your goals will be achieved in short term but you must always have a growth plan and a long term vision.

User Persona

Unless you know your target audiences & what they like, dislike, their pain points, demographics, etc; you cannot achieve your goals. Make User Persona to know them.

Unique Value Proposition

You must add something extra and charming to your business for your customers to keep coming back to you rather than defect to your competitors.

Branding & Messaging Strategy

Your branding, logo, color scheme and typography can either make or break your brand. Engage your customers with the right branding & messaging strategy.

Elevator Pitch

8 seconds - The time you have to convince a user to stay on your website and browse further. Take advantage of the time through strategy.

SEO Strategy

Without page 1 search engine ranking your website is again like a hotel on a hill top without any road connecting to it. Without appropriate and targeted SEO strategy you cannot achieve page 1 ranking on the search engines.

Are You Spot-On With Your Web Strategy?

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