12 Essential Resources For Building A Website

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Do you agree with us in the purpose of?


Resources do play an important role to build a website and grow your business.


Is it?


Well, Web Designer Company in Delhi has discovered 12 resources that are essential for build a website.


It is clear that these resources will grow your business by 73%.


And in today’s post we are going to show you that how these resources will boost your business.



web design company in delhi

12 essential resources for building a website


A picture paints a thousand words. One of the best areas of improvement for your web site style is photos and pictures. It’s no secret that a stunning font and awful pictures are the key ingredients to any well-designed web site. If you are a web design company in Delhi, you need to focus on those areas where you need to improve to get success. Here are just a few reasons why images are important for your website:

  • It can build trust and guide visitors to take action.
  • Images stick to readers longer and square measure additional probably to grant you a larger come on your content investment.
  • Images keep guests interested. Website pages with pictures get 94% higher views than pages with none pictures.
  • Images can increase your website’s traffic.
  • A great website design will rise or fall on the standard of the images it contains that is why it is vital to urge it right.
  • Images help you show up in search engine results and it can win you the click when you appear in search result.


web design company in delhi

12 essential resources for building a website


A Widget could be a little program that you simply will simply place on your website, blog, or customized begin page. If you are looking to feature some functionality to your website, there is most likely a widget to assist you. Widgets to Improve Your Website


  • Music Player: Music Player Widgets can create a widget that may be accustomed show a music player with artist’s name, song, and a canopy image. The user is additionally ready to add a brief description concerning the song.
  • Booking & Calendars: If you wish to share a calendar on your web site, Google Calendar is that the classic bet. However, if you wish one thing with a little a lot of practicality, like for bookings or to point out accessibility, there are some really expert choices.
  • Email Marketing: MailChimp or INinbox both services offer similar options together with contact management, automation, templates, and analytics. After you check in for either MailChimp or INinbox, you’re supplied with a campaign management dashboard and therefore the necessary code to infix a signup type onto your web site.
  • Social Media: The Social Media Widget could be a straightforward sidebar widget that enables users to input their social media web page URLs and alternative subscription options to indicate an icon on the sidebar thereto social media site and additional that open up during a separate browser window.
  • Customer Service: SnapEngage, Userlike, and Olark area unit nice choices if you want to feature a client service or sales channel to your website. Taking advantage of live chat could be a good way to produce support and you will get those types of supports from customer service widgets.


web design company in delhi

12 essential resources for building a website


Nowadays, icons area unit enjoying a significant role in web site planning. Consider all the icons you see in your daily life: traffic signs, social media icons, and customary icons on your mobile and desktop devices just like the Home button or Recycle Bin. We have a tendency to accept icons to guide us throughout our day. Such as you have a Web design company in Delhi, you need to recommend your clients to get an attractive eye catchy icon to describe their websites easily. Icons can function visuals for your website if you don’t have photos of your own to use. When to use icons:

  • To draw attention to products, services, menus or features
  • To indicate content to users on text-heavy pages
  • In graphs or diagrams
  • Supporting Calls-to-Action
  • Directional


web design company in delhi

12 essential resources for building a website

SEO Tools

In today’s competitive market, SEO is a lot of vital than ever. Search engines serve variant users per day craving for answers to their queries or for solutions to their issues. Below you will find some of the important reasons why you need SEO tools for your website:


  • Link Building
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Content Optimization
  • Backlink Analysis


web design company in delhi

12 essential resources for building a website

Google Analytics

Google Analytics could be a great tool that permits you to watch what’s operating well on your website measure the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts. Google Analytics could be a vital digital promoting tool, however seriously underused by most businesses. It permits you to live the results of individual campaigns in period, compare the information to previous periods, analysis and much more. Here are some of the reasons that you should be using Google Analytics to measure the success of your website:


  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • Site Search
  • Filters that Exclude Internal Traffic
  • Overview of All Channels:
  1. Organic Search (SEO)
  2. Paid Search (PPC)
  3. Social Media
  4. Referrals (Backlinks)
  5. Direct Traffic
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Customer Engagement
  • Device Overview
  • Extra Benefits:
  1. Google Analytics Completely free of charge
  2. Able to find out how your visitors locate your website.
  3. Able to identify which pages and links your visitors click the most.
  4. Visitor segmentation.
  5. Able to fine tune your website.


web design company in delhi

12 essential resources for building a website

Content Management Software (CMS) 

The quickest thanks to start a robust, well-organized web site is to use a Content Management System (CMS). A content management system (CMS) permits you to make, edit, manage and maintain web site pages on one interface. It allows you to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Create standardized, uniform pages.
  • Increase your search engine ranking.
  • Easy to change design (Templates).
  • Access and update website from anywhere.
  • Help visitors in their search for information.
  • Extend website with plugins and widgets.
  • Easy site maintenance.
  • Mobile optimization
  • Easy core software updates.

Here are several of the most popular Content Management Systems:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Blogger
  • TYPO3
  • Shopify


web design company in delhi

12 essential resources for building a website


As we tend to all recognize, ecommerce has been changing into a booming trade everywhere the globe. There are boundless ecommerce sites that have come back up commercialism varied forms of products. Let’s find out its major important factors:

  • A well-designed ecommerce website will influence purchase choices by showcasing your product at its best, and creating it simple to require action and build a buying deal.
  • A good ecommerce site can be used to grab attention and encourage visits to your ecommerce store.
  • Customers appreciate the convenience of ecommerce website.
  • Able to provide instant customer support.


web design company in delhi

Themeforest website

Theme Marketplaces

Theme Marketplace websites play a crucial role in online selling today. The best marketplace themes during this assortment have styles that are engineered for prime conversion rates and generating additional sales for your store. They conjointly feature front-end forms and templates for your registration, account, and coverage pages, serving to present your multi-vendor ecommerce store an expert look and feel throughout.

My Top 10 Marketplaces to Buy and Sell Themes:


web design company in delhi

Logo design


Logo and Identity

Having a decent brand is extraordinarily vital to your business and to the disapproval of your company’s name, however it’s conjointly vital to assist attract new customers. because the company’s major graphical illustration, a brand anchors a company’s whole and becomes the only most visible manifestation of the corporate at intervals the target market. The importance of a good logo to a growing company:

  • To attract more clients.
  • Having a good logo is essential to business success.
  • A good logo can provide a professional look.
  • Established business identity.
  • To increase your chance of earning venture capital or of selling a business.
  • To brand yourself.
  • To comply with expectations.


web design company in delhi

High quality content writer

Publish High-Quality Content

Writing high-quality content ought to be a key sight of each SEO strategy. Content writing needs a number of your inventive writing skills, though. The key to a website has clear, relevant and keyword-rich content that delivers the correct message with power and conviction. The content on your web site ought to target your audience, interact them and persuade them to require action. If you have a website company in Delhi then you need to provide high quality content to your client’s websites for better rank position on Google. Now, I’ll give you five reasons why the content on your web site ought to be literate and nicely structured:

  • People will understand your message better.
  • Lower bounce rate.
  • Increase Social media activities.
  • Increase the percentage of higher ranking and higher conversion.
  • Increase visitors.


web design company in delhi

WordPress plugins


Plugins area unit mini programs or codes written by a private or an organization that you simply will install, or “plugin”, to your website. Basically, plugins are designed to fill this data gap and permit us to boost our website, increase its practicality, and higher our user expertise.

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins and Tools for website:

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. W3 Total Cache
  3. Wordfence
  4. CSS Hero
  5. Beaver Builder
  6. Google Analytics
  7. OptinMonster
  8. Redirection
  9. WooCommerce
  10. Defender


web design company in delhi

Responsive website


A website with responsive web style may be a web site that’s ready to adapt to the screen it’s being employed on any kinds of devices it’s. The website mechanically reformats to present the user a far better expertise that it well matched to their device, and might provide your web site variety of advantages moreover as being in line with Google recommendations. Web Design Company in Delhi must remember its importance to gain their goal. Now I’ll show five reasons why responsiveness is important for website:


  • To increase 33% of mobile usages
  • Google is rewarding responsive sites.
  • Increase social media activities
  • To improve SEO ranking
  • To adapt zine on multiple devices.
  • To increase ROI.
  • To provide a better user experience.


Now, here’s the good news. This blog is trying to help you to get an idea about those important sectors before making a website for you or your business or your clients. After reading this article carefully, you realize there’s a lot more you’d like to add. If you are looking for tools to create your website even higher, you are in luck because you already get some essential concepts concerning the most effective resources to enhance your website.

Web Design | 40 Tips To Make An Excellent Website | Credofy

web design tips

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s really hard to convert visitor into actual customer.


Or is it?

Now it’s time to change, you can significantly increase your customer by implementing 40 tips on your web design.


These 40 tips that are converting 64% traffic into actual customer.

And in today’s post I’m going to show how can develop an excellent website by implementing 40 tips on web design…


Top 40 Reasons Excellent Design Is Really Matters to Your Business Than You Think


Search the net high and low and you’ll discover simply 3 kinds of websites – good websites, unhealthy websites and excellent websites.


Nobody desires an unhealthy web site. However, even an unhealthy web site has the potential to succeed in a worldwide market otherwise out of stock to a brick and mortar business. Unhealthy websites still build your site in a decent position.


Credofy Web Portfolio from Credofy Solutions on Vimeo.

On the opposite hand, a good web site will do plenty for your site. It’s a strong promotional tool to allow your site to get a professional look. Smart websites build your site additional credible and trustworthy to draw in additional guests and convert additional customers. A good web site will do wonders for your site as a promoting channel.


An excellent website is the best one. Excellent websites do more than a good one. It will set you with the exception of competitors in your trade, and do more.

In 2017, good content creation is not enough to rank on your site and get more traffic. This blog will narrow down the top 40 reasons to discuss about why creating an excellent design is really matters to your business than you think. We will also show case some of the website we have designed


web design

Web Design Barrowvisionstudios Net Project

1. First Impression

Guests can keep or leave supported their 1st impression of the web design. Spectacular design and fascinating content will build a significant role to explore the positioning. Guests can pay longer and a lot of probabilities to urge a lot of traffic. You have only 10 seconds to go away an effect and tell guests what they’re going to get out of your website to make a decision that if they stay or leave.


2. Outshine the competition

For 2 similar companies or service business, an excellent design is always win. A high-quality, responsive web design could be a major competitive edge. 40% of individuals can opt for a special search result if the primary isn’t mobile friendly (responsive).


3. Help Customers to Make Decision

Your web site is usually on decision. Your web site works for you 24-7 with no labor prices. Your web site markets your business for you whereas you sleep. What a lot of might you raise for? Hiring a twenty-four-hour worker to answer the phone would price thousands a lot of a year, and be abundant less effective. Going a contact kind on your website, permits potential customers to achieve you at their convenience, and for you to induce back to them at yours.


web design

Event Hosts Web Design Project

4. An excellent Website Can Attracts More Attention

Humans’ area unit primarily visual creatures, we have a tendency to pay attention on our sense of sight as we move with our surroundings. In fact, 90% of all sensory data that the brain receives comes from our eyes. With 80% of our reminiscences determined by what we tend to see. An excellent web design will facilitate to urge attention.


5. Profitable Investment

Finance in design may be a bit like finance in future profits. An excellent web design can make your website more active than before. It proves that an excellent web design will increase your current track slightly upper then before. In one word “investing in design is a bit like investing in future profits.”


web design

Researchmedics Web Design Project

6. Design Keeps Your Content User-Friendly

An excellent web design is sort of a translation service. It can change complicated language into readable. Effective wen design keeps your content more user-friendly.


7. Always keep Consistency

Consistency is arguably the key rule to a self-made complete, and so, a self-made business. It will robust your business. Because, Consistent design can make a positive impact on people’s mind.


web design

Web Design India Africa Project

8. Responsive Web design sites improve SEO Rankings

Responsive websites can perform higher in search rankings as a result, they supply a stronger user expertise than sites that doesn’t seem to be mobile friendly. Additionally, Google likes that responsive sites use single URLs vs. totally different URLs for separate mobile versions of internet sites. Responsive design helps modern websites appeal to modern users.


9. 24 Hours Service

Potential customers will realize your business online, any time, on any device. Today, potential business is lost to different corporations with elaborated and simple to use websites, with a pleasing, eye catching style.



10. Build a robust brand

A powerful web design impresses prospective customers and shoppers. It shows expertise, build complete awareness and communicate credibleness. An excellent design can make a long-lasting impression. 72% of marketers suppose content is simpler than advertising in a very magazine.


11. Get a lot of Customer

An excellent design could be a vast advertising chance. It’ll boost your online traffic for those yearning for your product and services. It will increase your sales and revenue. An excellent design will offer twenty second higher revenue growth than weak and no internet presence firms.


web design

Forgetdebtlimited Web Design Project

forgetdebtlimited web design project

12. Cheap Way to Do Marketing

Web design is value effective. It’s cheaper than TV ad or signboard. To urge a lot of customers, shoppers and engagement – sensible internet style will assist you directly. 89% of online brands contemplate websites the foremost used channel for client acquisition.


13. Easy To Access

An excellent website address is simpler to recollect than a number. The web address of your website is presumably attending to be infinitely easier to recollect than the physical address of your business or your workplace number.


web design

Beetreehomes Web Design Project

14. Design Communicates Ideas

An excellent design can force us to communicate with that specific site. Human brain can communication the maximum amount of information from the first look. The first impression on a possible client isn’t supported the primary time they really use your product, however the instant they lay their eyes thereon. At intervals 50 milliseconds individuals can begin subconsciously forming associate opinion of your product, your business, and your site primarily based entirely on however it is.


15. Increase Percentage of Potential

You’ll see what percentage potential, or existing purchasers visit your page on the daily. Using analytical tools, you’ll determine specifically what percentage guests return through, however long they pay on your website, and that pages they’re reading. Identical can’t be same for print and television spots. With the introduction of PVRs, Netflix, and also the like, TV commercials are creating their approach into being an issue of the past.


web design

Regulation44 Web Design Project

16. An Excellent Website Can Help Your Business To Promote In Social Media

Selling and social media on the web is way a lot of price effective than ancient selling ways. In today’s online market, it’s entirely attainable, beginning with a homepage web site, which might be expanded to social media sites.


17. Increase guest return percentage

An excellent design is always unforgettable. Fascinating content encourages a lot of visits. It’ll facilitate to make a good web site and grow your consumer list. The website is that the major place for marketers before email, SEO and social media selling.


18. Get More and More Trust

You have got a lot of believability by having a web presence in today’s age. A business while not a number or a physical address will appear shady. It’s slowly changing into accepted that a business should even have an internet site associate degreed an email address.


19. Design Impact on Peoples’ Mind

Having a particular emblem is therefore vital to disapproval, An excellent web design can me an important impact. An excellent web design contemplates a complete that has created an unforgettable design for itself. Attractive design colors can make a strong memory to the visitors.


web design

India Africa Web Design Project

20. Increase the geographic vary

Web design will increase the geographic vary of your business. By investing on the web design, potential customers can realize your business even not go to your direct geographical area. By utilizing web design, you’ll expand your business as way as you select.


21. Low Cost Effect

It’s low cost effect will vary your company’s information and selling material on your website. You know that it will be to own to vary product information or costs on all of your catalogs, brochures, and selling material. It’s less expensive, easier, and quicker than old non-web selling system.


22. Compatibility

An excellent web design can convenience your client. Your client will see your website at their own leisure. It will help your business to get more and more customer. Your client will get their required information from you site anytime.


23. Disclosure Unique Networks

Interweaving style into your business development and maintenance processes will provide you with an opportunity to be artistic, explore hidden relationships and see what form of clever ideas and ideas you’ll be able to come back up with.


web design

Web Design Relentless Project

24. Get More Navigation

Navigation is regarding however straightforward it’s for individuals to require action and move around your web site. Some techniques for effective navigation embody a logical page hierarchy, mistreatment bread crumbs, planning clickable buttons, and implies users to navigate.


25. Ability to share Information with Customers

Like any other business, most customers have identical set of queries and issues. By having FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Website, you’ll scale back of client service prices and save yourself time and cash. You’ll offer a lot of information than can’t be lined on an identity card or flyer.


26. Design will increase Conversions

If you would like to individuals to click on your sales button additional typically, stay your page for little bit longer, or share your pictures additional, you would like to start out taking design seriously.


web design

Web Design Slip Testing Project

27. An Excellent Web Design Can Robust Client Trust

94% of the participants rejected a website was for web design problems. A poor web design can make negative impact on your visitors’ mind.


28. Design Improves User Experience

An excellent web design will quite simply grab people’s attention. In addition, it will influence the user experiences on any given product.


29. Make a Decent First Impression

You need to speak to your client once they 1st lay eyes on your website. SO, you need to make a wen design that works to mirror to express about your product. If your design can’t do that then, you will never get your goal.

web design

Web Design Alcyoncapital Project

30. Website Success depends on however it Looks

An excellent web design piece together typography, colors, images, and other resources to compose a design that clearly communicates information, value, and reasons to care in a quick, eye-catching manner.


31. Invisible Design Makes Content Rich

Attempt to not consider style for your business as one thing that accompanies your content or competes against it. You content will rich when your web design done well.


32. Effectively Understandable

Around 70% individuals that comprehend and handle ideas much better when they are visualized. An unhealthy website will ruin your people’s understanding. Then it will be more difficult to express to them that what you are talking about.


33. Design Give you a Unique Look

Get opinions, get feedback, be experimental. The aim of the sport is to create folks indicate your product from a shelf of competitors, to tempt them to click through to your web site as a result of it’s totally different and appealing. a little style will go a protracted method.


web design

Web Design Aifloo Project

34. Web Design Follows the Crowd

An excellent web design will provide you with an opportunity to embrace and explore experimentalism solutions to issues. A decent designer can recognize once is that the time to experiment and once is that the time to follow the principles. This idea is termed ‘prototypically’ outlined because the degree of similarity between a product and competitors in its field, prototypically typically signals to shoppers that associate item belongs to a definite class.


35. Attracts Customers from Targeted Market

An excellent web design, having a decent role to handle on the codes and conventions of design that will makes it all the most easily to remain on message along with your style and certify that you just attract the audience that you are intending to serve.


36. Amplify Your Brand

Design will assist you market a complete to an entire new class of individuals simply through straightforward changes within the style. An excellent web design can easily amplify your brand.


web design

Web Design Photographybymichelle Project

37. Design Can Assist You to Promote

Social media promoting is such an enormous part of maintaining and promoting your website in today’s world. Whether or not you’re posting graphs, infographics, quotes, images or article header pictures, place some thought and time into your website to encourage folks to press that ‘share’ button, or pin it to their board. Who knows, if it’s got a decent balance between informative and pleasing to appear at, you may reach the highest of the search results!


38. Capitalize on Trends

Keeping an eye fixed on associated an awareness of style will assist you to capitalize on these trends. An excellent wen design can increase the search volume and make it more users friendly.


39. Communication Value

A majority of individuals aren’t getting to browse your mission statement. An excellent web design can talk directly to your target audience. To capture your values through your web design, let your images do the talking.


40. Involving Folks to Take Action

A decision to action may be a super great idea to you once you invest in make an excellent web design. It will inspire your audience to take action and click on that button. It will help you site to get more involvement.


Design may be a sensible business call. Unfold the word! An excellent web design offers you a competitive edge, drives powerful promoting results and permits you to face out.



Content First Rather Than Design First to Create the Ultimate Website

Ask a designer to design a website without any content and you may as well be asking an architect to design a house without specifying the number of rooms.

Whereas in the past, digital agencies have often created the web design first and the content for it second, today more and more are adopting a content first approach. Why? Because it makes complete sense.

Users access a website for its content, not its design, so it only seems right for the content to take priority. Whilst a design created without real content may end up looking okay, it will never be as impressive as a design created around actual content.

If you want to create the ultimate website, adopt a content first approach.

Avoid wasting time and money

Humans are highly visual creatures, so it’s easy to see why one would assume that web design should come before web content. However, if you make the mistake of creating a beautiful web design, before considering its content, you could end up wasting a significant amount of time and money.

Think of it in terms of creating a product. If you design the packaging before you’ve created the product, how do you know that the product is going to fit the packaging? Sure you can try and jam it in but it’ll never look as good as if you designed the packaging around the product. See your content as the product and your web design as the packaging and you’ll see where we’re coming from.

The benefit of designing the website around the content is that you will be able to highlight the most important information to users and ensure it delivers the optimal user experience.

Related: Content – The King of web development!

Improve user experience

Whilst web design has an impact on user experience, the experience itself cannot exist without content – after all, no one’s going to enjoy a positive experience from visiting an empty shell.

Content should be easy to find and presented in an engaging way that draws users in and captures their attention. If the content has been left until last and crammed into the design, you may find that it doesn’t fit, meaning that you’re going to have to cut it short and miss out important information or re-design your website completely.

Miss out important content and it could end up negatively impacting your user experience. If you don’t answer user’s queries or meet their needs, they’ll simply take themselves to one of your competitors’ websites instead.

Focus on what’s important

Content first effectively strips away all of the luxuries and leaves you focusing on the necessities – the elements that are fundamental to creating a good website. It’s about gathering a company’s assets and ordering them in terms of importance. This will ensure that your content and in turn the design is optimised for the right audience and that the message is put across in the most effective way possible.

Initially, content first may not be something your clients are comfortable with, as most will be used to the design first way of working. However by explaining the benefits of content first design, they too will see just how important it is in creating the ultimate website.

Adopting a content first approach will essentially streamline the design process, with fewer design drafts, allowing you to meet both your client’s deadlines and budgets. Ultimately it leads to the creation of a better website, which in turn increased client satisfaction.


Websites: Mobile Friendly, Google Friendly, Responsive – Whаt Dоеs Іt Аll Mean?

Site Lооks Good! We’re Dоnе, Right? Think again

A website саn bе designed аnd laid оut properly, hаvе а great lооk аnd feel, lооk professional аnd entirely user-friendly, аll whіlе іt іs а complete аnd utter mess bеhіnd thе scenes аs Googlebot will sее іt. Whу dоеs Googlebot sее іt differently? Весаusе Googlebot іs аlwауs lооkіng fоr mоrе аnd better clues аs tо whаt keywords аrе mоst relevant tо уоur site. Google іs аll аbоut relevance. Google hаs а team оf quality control people whо асtuаllу lооk аt thе sites tо ensure еvеrу search conducted іn thеіr engine produces relevant results.

Relevance + Speed = $$$$$$$

Whу іs relevancy sо іmроrtаnt tо Google? Оnе reason, money. Whеn people gеt relevant rеsults, thеу соmе bасk. Vеrу simple. Whеn thеу соmе bасk, thеу sее ads. Іf thе content іs highly relevant tо thе search уоu conducted, аnd thе ads thаt Google feeds уоu оn thеіr rеsults раgе аrе highly relevant tо thе search, thеn thе ads gеt mоrе clicks. Clicks аrе money іn thе Google wоrld. Моrе clicks аrе mоrе money. Еvеrуbоdу іs а Google customer. People whо search іn Google mіght generate а click, whісh іn а secondary wау, іs thеm paying Google. They’re paying wіth оthеr people’s money, but they’re paying. Тhе businesses whо buy ads іn Google аrе оbvіоuslу customers sіnсе іt іs thеіr money уоu јust gаvе tо Google.

Quantity + Quality = SUCCESS!

Google bесаmе popular bесаusе іt produced relevant rеsults FAST! Lеt mе restate thіs. Relevancy аnd speed аrе whаt mаdе Google оnе оf thе mоst valuable businesses оf аll time. Тhе wау уоu produce relevant rеsults quісklу іs entirely duе tо thе fact thаt Googlebot interpreted thе web раgеs well аnd stored thе content іn аn efficient fashion оn thеіr data warehouse servers. А horrible optimized site lооks thе sаmе tо уоu, thе browser, but lооks entirely dіffеrеnt tо Googlebot. І constructed twо web раgеs fоr thіs article. Оnе іs рооrlу optimized, оnе іs highly optimized. Тhеу lооk thе sаmе tо уоu, mе аnd thе browsers, but thеу lооk completely dіffеrеnt tо Googlebot.

Help thе Almighty Googlebot & Не Will Reward Yоu Handsomely!

Google friendly website

Now imagine thіs, Googlebot соmеs tо уоur house аnd fоllоws thе walls аnd corridors, basically takes іts оwn tour оf уоur house thеn leaves аnd gоеs bасk tо Google headquarters аnd tells thеm аbоut уоur house. Тhаt іs іf hе саn find а Google employee thаt іsn’t busy playing оn thе indoor slide, gеttіng а massage оr eating оnе оf three gourmet meals а day. GB reports thаt thе walls wеrе brown, wіth white trim. Не explains thаt thеrе wеrе pictures hanging оn walls bу Picasa аnd thе dimensions оf еасh room, аnd а slew,let’s sау hundreds оf lines оf highly technical descriptive details.

Νоw imagine thаt уоu tооk Googlebot оn thе tour оf уоur house. Yоu explain tо hіm thаt thе fіrst picture іs а picture оf уоur ancestor, Captain John Harkness, whо served honorably іn thе battle оf Torchwood аnd died durіng thе battle аnd іs buried undеr аn apple tree nеаr Cardiff. Оh, hеrе GB, І hаvе а manuscript frоm а historical archive оvеr hеrе. Dіd уоu open thіs chest аnd lооk аrоund. Well, hеrе уоu gо, hаvе аt іt. GB returns tо Google HQ аnd updates thе іnfоrmаtіоn wіth аll thеsе historical facts.

Lаtеr thаt day уоur long lost relative calls уоu frоm England tо explain thаt уоu wеrе owed а mіllіоn dollars frоm аn оld estate sale frоm sаіd ancestor. Yоu аsk hоw hе fоund уоu аnd hе explains, “Google! І searched Google fоr Captain John Harkness аnd уоu popped uр.” Тhе moral оf thаt story іs thаt іf уоu help Googlebot hе will reward уоu handsomely.

Google Wаnts уоu tо succeed!

The best thing аbоut Google іs thаt іt desires relevant searches, sо іt іs mоrе thаn happy tо tеll уоu hоw tо dо іt. Тhе tools provided bу Google help уоu build а Google-friendly website, hоw tо build а proper site map, hоw tо optimize уоur раgеs іn thе meta tags, whісh іs а soft admission admission thаt meta tags аrе stіll relevant аnd а slew оf оthеr things tо help уоu gеt уоur site ranked whеrе іt іs relevant.

Whеn уоu conduct а search іn Google, іt tells уоu whаt еlsе іs pertinent, аnd mоrе pertinent, tо thе search уоu conducted. Usе thіs аs а wау tо plan уоur search engine strategy. Google рrоvіdеs а tool called Google Webmaster, whісh tells уоu іf уоur site іs optimized, functioning properly, hаs а valid site map, аnd sо muсh mоrе. Simply usіng Google аs а tool іn thе аbоvе twо ways, уоu will sее а dramatic climbing іn thе ranks.

Google Наs Told Us Ноw tо gо Mobile

Google hаs bееn screaming аt web developers explaining hоw tо properly build websites sо thаt thеу will conform tо Googles’ rules аnd rank mоrе highly, оr еvеn јust tо kеер existing rankings. Surprisingly, mаnу online marketing professionals ignored Google аnd proceeded wіth practices suсh аs redirecting аll mobile device queries tо thеіr hоmе раgе. То worsen thе situation, thеrе аrе supposed consultants whо hаvе nоt informed thеіr existing clients thаt thеіr mobile sites аrе nоt acceptable аnd еvеn stand thе risk оf thеіr аlrеаdу well-positioned websites bеіng removed frоm thе Google directory.

responsive website

The mоst common mistake І witness аnd thе fіrst оnе mentioned іn Google Webmaster, “Yоur desktop site’s server іs configured tо redirect smartphone users tо thе smartphone site’s homepage, rеgаrdlеss оf whісh URL thеу originally requested, еvеn іf thе mobile site hаs thе equivalent раgе tо thе redirecting desktop раgе.” Тhіs mistake lооks tо bе spam іn Google аnd саn уоu, thе reader, tеll mе whу? Wе covered thіs earlier. Whеn а web browser searches fоr а раrtісulаr product, sау а baby crib аnd thеу gеt а раrtісulаr раgе іn thе Google rеsults whісh іs thе actual product fоr whісh thе browser searched, thеn thе site redirects thе browser tо thе mobile sites homepage, whаt dіd wе lose? Оnе оf thе twо things wе sаіd mаdе Google. Wе lost relevancy! Тhе еnd раgе іn thе redirect mаkеs іt appear аs thоugh Google dіdn’t return relevant rеsults, dоеsn’t іt? Тhе answer, оf course, іs YЕЅ іt does.

Google webmaster continues, “Wе recommend thаt уоu configure thе redirection correctly іf уоu dо hаvе аn equivalent smartphone URL sо thаt users еnd uр оn thе раgе thеу wеrе lооkіng fоr.” Іn оthеr wоrds, “Κеер іt relevant!” Whеrе hаvе wе heard thаt bеfоrе? Тhеrе іs оnlу оnе wау tо conform tо Google’s mandate аnd іt іs called а responsive website. Whу іs іt called responsive? Весаusе іt responds tо іts “surroundings”. Simply gо tо thе website аnd change thе size оf уоur window аll thе wау dоwn tо whаt mіght lооk lіkе thе size оf а typical cell phone. Yоu will notice thаt thе website responded tо thе size оf thе window. Тhіs mеаns thаt іf уоu add раgеs, sіnсе thе site іs аlsо dynamic, оr іf уоu hаvе а storefront wіth thousands оf products, thе shell оf thе site ensures thаt еvеrу раgе іn thе website іs mobile friendly. Тhіs required nо redirects. Source: Моrе common mistakes.

We’re Google & Mobile Friendly – Νоw What?

Now thаt wе hаvе discussed thе basics оf Mobile аnd Google-friendly websites wе will dive deeper іntо dynamic websites thаt аrе easy fоr business owners tо manage оn thеіr оwn, email list management, loyalty systems аnd tying іt аll іntо уоur social marketing campaigns.

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Insight into why it is important to have a fast loading website

website designing

No doubt that your website design is modern, creative, have got great content and perfect navigation. You are self starter and work really hard. You have build up quite a good number of audiences for you website or for your blog and they like coming back to your site for more, interact and comment. website designing

But regardless of all this, your website is not fairing that great or have held up for some reason. Your good number of visitors has started to drop and your rankings are decreasing, sales have declined. The hideous reality is that your website is not rising to any further extent and has suffered stagnancy. Seems like a strange thing to worry about, right? But the matter of fact is that all this is happening because the speed of your website sucks and it affects all the other factors relating to your once-upon-a-time doing very well website.

It’s sensible to assume that a website’s loading time is extremely important for any business, be it big or small. All of us are very well aware that users hate to wait for the web pages to load. Many a times to make our website look appealing we tend to have room for more content to the pages, heavy images, ingenious functionality and aesthetically pleasing designs, not caring much about how slow it will make the web-page to load. Unfortunately, visitors tend to care more about the page load speed then all the pomp and show in the website design. Moreover, page load time is one of the important factors considered in the Search engine optimization for rankings.

Quick-loading websites for sure perform better and in turn have a significant effect on every metric you be concerned about, such as search ranking, better-quality user experience, and enhanced user engagement and as a result higher conversions and more revenue.

And with this the entire business fraternity have concluded that – faster the website, higher the conversions.

Page loading time matters most today than ever before, below are some reasons that states why.

  1. User experience: Page load time is a major causative factor to page desertion or abandonment. The average number of people visiting any website does not have the patience for a page that takes forever to load. People usually look forward to a fast user experience and when they fail to get that they do not hesitate to step back and look for a better loading website providing same services. That’s termed as a bounce rate. Moreover, in the quickly emerging mobile markets, typically half of the strength around us browse internet on their hand-held devices on the go. In such case it becomes imperative to get the website load speed improved. Doing so will rally round your users to better engage with your website, and you’ll get to see more conversions from your audience. 
  2. AdWords Score: Another factor that can affect your business is AdWords score which is a key component that Google considers for any landing page experience. Therefore, keep in mind better a page performs, the better your Quality Score will be. On top of it, Quality Score coerce your CPC, which is directly related to your ad cost, better the page speed, lower is your advertising costs. Website designing
  3. Better search rankings: Another area where page load speed is a prominent factor considered, is rankings in Search engine optimization. Google’s ranking algorithm for desktop and mobile follows it religiously. Better ranking here would be attained by having a better optimized page. Whilst, this won’t guarantee of rank one but will be of some advantage otherwise.





 The major factors that bound the page speed are:  

  1. Big images: Large-sized, high-resolution images take many folds longer to load when compared to normal images. This slows down page rendering. This can however be improved by compressing the images, modify compressed images so that they look appropriate on the website while scalling and finally make a CSS sprite (One large images comprising many smaller ones) for all the images.
  2. CDN: Why content delivery network is essential? Because any CDN encompass numerous networks across the globe and thus reduces server load. Moreover, when experiencing huge traffic on the website it prevents the crash and it enhance content delivery and increases the speed of the website. It is also offers security from the potential threats online.
  3. Too many ads: Slow loading ads are the major contributor to limit the load time of a web page.
  4. Incompatible browsers: While have a website designed, it is imperative to test it for the compatibility across major web browsers, else it would back fire and harm your business.

All the above and many more such factors are major bandwidth burglars. To have a web-page load smoothly is it advisable to get rid of these and you can build and maintain a fast loading website that can earn you reputation and revenue at the back of your hand.

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Crafting an effective mobile strategy – and how important it is?

mobile applications

Read it sometimes ago in one of the studies by Gartner that “Website design that is not formatted for a smaller screen will become a market barrier…” It’s been some years now that the mobile applications have made a prominent place for them in the market.

When marketing a business, it’s wise to include social media, paid search, review sites and, most pertinently, mobile. Mobile marketing strategies are gaining momentum due to the ever increasing use of mobile devices by consumers. These days more than half of the internet browsing is done on the mobile devices. Hence, it is absolutely important to have a website and that too the one that’s optimized for mobile use or even a mobile applications.

website design credofy

The time is changing tremendously and we have already left behind the time when it wasn’t clear why it is important for our business to be mobile and how it can change the functioning of the business in various ways. Today everyone understands and is quickly adapting to the demand of the changing times. By now most of the companies have already gone ahead with having their initial mobile applications and others are gearing up to have one. However, out of the ones who have already experimented with the apps later realized that they have chosen to have a mobile application without having properly strategizing for it and those who have some strategy in place do not know yet how effective it proved for their business.

Therefore, as it is a need of the hour to have the mobile web and mobile applications it is equally important for them to craft and effective strategy beforehand.

It is critical to understand well in advance as how to build and effective strategy? Here are some tips for you:

  1. Just having an app is not effective: More than 20% mobile applications in the mobile market are never downloaded and this clearly says that just having an app is not enough. For getting into the perfect grove of getting an effective app that gets you some ROI is to understand well in advance the consumer behavior and how? what? Do they do to get the information about your business? Most likely consumers resort to checking out your website either on the web-browser or now on mobile webs. So, first step here is to have a responsive design of a website (Our another post on responsive design)

    It’s critical to understand that these days customers to have set standards In terms of what they expect out of what a mobile website does and provides as compared to their desktop counterparts. Once all this is on track we can get to see impressive conversion rates from out targeted mobile audience.

  2. Understand the ROI: People these days are using mobile devices to browse the net, connect to social media, shop unparallel and this is only slated to grow more from here. One of the tips to consider while strategizing is to know how the competitors are doing in this regard. What kind of mobile applications do they have, how good their responsive website is. This can give you the insight as to what is there in the market already and what you need to do to stay ahead in the competition.

  3. Understanding mobile marketing tricks: Mobile web is not just about the mobile applications and the responsive websites but it can do lot more than that. So, it is imperative to understand what tools and tactics you can choose to promote your business. One such is to know completely of various sources compatible with various hand-held devices that customer make use of. Another is directing the potential customers to your landing page; hence it is equally important to make use of mobile optimized landing page in an effective way so that the conversion rates get high.

  4. Right technology: The most critical part of mobile strategy is to zero down on the right approach for building apps. Developing a mobile app is extremely different from developing for web or desktop. There are countless options available for creating mobile applications; however, it depends on requirement to requirement due to cost involved at various stages of its lifecycle. The effective way is to find out the total cost of ownership of that app for various development options that you have zeroed upon. This will include comparing the software, implementation, expected maintenance after the delivery, security, support and service agreements etc.mobile applications

Considering all the above and some more can help you stay focused and craft an effective mobile strategy for your business. Going forward you can let us know if you already have a strategy in place for mobile applications or are looking to have one. We would be delighted to help you in any way we can.


Website – Your business card

credofy_ website designing

Does your company have a website? If yes, do you know what purpose does it solve for you? If not, it’s vital to be aware of their purpose prior to have you own website design done so you don’t inadvertently undermine your efforts.


credofy_ website designing


Whether a website belongs to an individual, a business organization, to a non-profit organization or government; it serves a lot of different functions and is focused to provide information to current and potential clients and to promote and market the organization or for making sales. In spite of what purpose it solves for you, a good website is the face to your company and is another form of a ‘Business Card’.

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website designing

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Web design trend

Web design trends

The last quarter of any year is a perfect time to look back on the present year that is passing by too quickly and think about a new year that is ahead of us in few months time. In the past few years the web has changed immensely for the designers and developers and with each passing year the web designing trend keeps on upgrading. We have chalked out a few website design trends that we anticipate to stand out in web design in 2015.

Let’s look at some of the anticipated web design trends that will either stay back or will come up in 2015:

Flat design – Flat design is getting lots of love from the designers and will continue the same in the year to come. Do not mistake it for being just another fad as it certainly is not. Flat design is all about keeping it clean, simple, and minimalistic yet modern.

The reason why everyone wants to have a flat design for their websites is that it looks neat, bright because of more white space and posses no clutter. Moreover, it often uses bright colors to accentuate a plain layout. It has been the talk of the design world for most of 2014 and we foresee the designers to persist utilizing it in 2015 as well.

Flat design

Pictures speak the most universally understood language – In the upcoming years pictures will form a more prominent place in the web design; to be precise large pictures. These large pictures or images would be seen on the homepage of the websites. To top it all we will see more images that are played with things such as color overlays or are blurred images, or even images that are evocative of Instagram images with filters. These are called manipulative images and they will find a place for themselves in the coming year.

Website designing

Responsive design – Since smartphones and tablets are selling like hotcakes, web design is already witnessing a switch from only desktop designs to the ones that can be viewed on various other devices. Due to huge market potential, now a day’s more and more people are browsing on the devices like mobile phones, tablets etc sidelining the traditions computers. It is anticipated that the mobiles and other hand-held devices will surpass the use of computers and laptops in 2015. This should be alarming for the website designers as well those who own outdated traditional websites.

To cater to the user demands designers are on their toes to adapt themselves and learn the fundas of responsive design, that works equally well on a desktop, a laptop, a mobile device or any other compatible hand-held device. One of the major trends in 2014, responsive web design trend will be reinforced in 2015 and will most likely stay in the year to come.

Responsive web design

Increased use of Infographics – Infographics or information graphics are graphic representation of any type of information be it some complex data or piece of textual information. Infographics have the ability to present complex information in a clean understandable manner and in a small space. It makes large data sets coherent. It presents the information in an eye-catchy form and they do not cost bomb. That is the reason they are quite popular amongst the business owners. There is even a science behind well-designed info graphics to make them more compelling.

Creative designers usually create a story around the facts and data and this way imparts loads of information in a simple way with infographics. It is an effective way of communicating large pieces of data.

Credofy Infographics

Typography getting into the mainstream – Like the content is for a website, typography is for web-design. Rich typography has been a rave in 2014 and is now getting into mainstream.


Traditional fonts have lost their charm and avalanche of high-quality fonts are available at a very affordable price. Thus, typography will continue to be a dominating design element in 2015.

Watch instead of reading – In the coming year we will be witnessing an increased focus on using video to tell a quick story than to write a 10 pager to explain it. Video can be an effective way of communication and can work great when there is a complex topic to be explained. Videos are something that you’ll see in abundance across the web. It is getting increasingly popular and easier to get a professional video done and have it on you website, share it on social networking websites so on and so forth.


Hopefully, above article can shed some light on the anticipated web design trends that lies ahead of us in future. In case you feel that I may have forgotten something, feel free to scribble in the comments below.

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Infinite scrolling on the website

Infinite scrolling on the website

Infinite scrolling is an ongoing trend these days for most of the website designing and is becoming increasingly popular. This kind of scrolling came into being from social networking websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn etc. The basic idea behind using infinite scrolling on the websites is to get rid of the ‘Pagination’ i.e. the requirement to click while browsing between the pages. Once you finished reading the content visible on the screen and scroll down, more content will keep appearing without the need of click or moving on to the next page.

Infinite scrolling on the website

Today, we are in the era of responsive website designs where you can browse the websites on the desktop, smartphones, notebooks or other compatible hand held devices. In such case it is of utmost importance to provide the user with an equally pleasing experience on all the devices. Here where infinite scrolling is working best. Most of the devices today are using touch technology. For small screen devices it will be quite a tedious task to tap on to the links to move to the next page, here infinite scrolling plays the genius and provides a convenient user experience.

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Common Myths about responsive web designs

responsive website
Not too much time before, responsive websites design (RWD) had been significantly less a buzz word circling the web development and design. Today, we are not anticipating but living in the time where the concept of responsive websites has been embraced well and made a reality. RWD is the answer to the query of how to develop simple signal websites that help web browsing accessible across the various available gadgets, from Smartphones to desktops to tablets to other hand-held devices.
responsive website

Website design_Credofy










Let’s take a look at some of the common myths surrounding the responsive website design.

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