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  • Are you looking to grow your profits but have no clue on how to get more leads?
  • Are you getting pretty less or unqualified leads despite spending thousands of dollars on marketing?
  • Do you get very less leads despite redesigning your website?
  • Are you still not generating enough leads even after investing more of your precious dollars in rewriting your website copy?
  • Are you wondering how to get more leads?

Are you looking to get these many leads with 10% conversion rate?

10% Conversion for one of our client with a conversion ready design

What the heck are you doing wrong & why you are not getting leads?

  • Have you identified your target audiences?
  • Do you understand their needs and pain points?
  • Have you written an engaging website copy?
  • Does your website have the all-important emotional trigger?
  • Are you telling how you can provide benefit to your target audience?
  • Are you using storytelling to connect with your target audience?
  • Do you have any lead magnet in your website?

Is your website mobile optimised?

More than 50% of traffic for one of our client is from mobile and tablet

Is your website user centric?

Every product and service should revolve around users, their needs and pain points.
You will definitely fail miserably if your website & marketing strategy is not user-centric

A template-based website WILL break at one point leading to huge loses in reputation and goodwill.

Did you know : You lose over 80% of web visitors if your website takes 2 or more seconds to load.

Have you uncovered your WHY statement? 

  • WHY are you in this business?
  • WHY do you need a website? To improve a brand awareness, to get more leads, to make you authority in your niche.

People do not buy “WHAT” they buy “WHY”

And that is not it, there are many other factors that needs to be taken care of.

Watch the video below to see which design is right for your business.

ROI Calculator

Fill the details to calculte your return on investment

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How we helped a business get 18 times more leads & grew profit by 10 times ?

An Artificial Grass company in London whose leads dried up because of outdated website with new Conversion Ready Design, his lead count grew by 18 times and profit by 10 times.


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Lead Generating Website Design Portfolio

Take a look at a some of the lead generating website designs.

How we can help you get more leads?

User Centric Website Design

Your target audience is just as important to our website design process as you are. Our website designs revolve around your target audience

Lead Generating Design

All our designs are strategically built to generate quality leads. Whether it is a quote calculator, white paper or other lead magnet, we guarantee increased lead generation.

24x7 Sales Robot

Whether you are sleeping or on vacation, our designs generate leads and sales around the clock.

Guaranteed Results or No Fee

We provide 100% Money back Guarantee if we don’t bring you results.

Quick Communication

Top-notch lead generation does not come overnight – Not to Worry! We stay connected with you through Skype or WhatsApp for quick communication and update delivery.

Professional PPC & SMO service

You will have one point of contact throughout the project who will guide you on how to grow your leads and increase your profits.

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Book a FREE 30 minute Strategy Session to grow your leads and profits

Discover all lead generating secrets for your website

How we build conversion ready design?

Simple, by following the process which starts with DRS phase (4 hours Discovery, 20 hours Research and 20 hours Strategy) which form the soul of your business. 



Gather information that guides the rest of the web design process.



Delve deeper into your niche and research all issues identified during discovery



Create a winning strategy for your content, design, marketing, design, redesign and testing.



Think of colors, logos, and fonts etc. that appropriately define your brand.



Write highly converting content for your pages, blogs, videos and other media



Create design mockups to show how the website will be laid out.



Develop apps, plugins, software, etc., that will go into the website.



Test every aspect of the website to make sure that everything works well in all devices.



Optimize the website for high search engine ranking.


Digital Marketing

Identify methods and channels of marketing using the content created above.



Maintain the website to avoid hiccups like crashes, dysfunctional features and hacking.

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