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Website’s responsive design with Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

With the ever increasing rate of usage of the Smartphones, it has become critical part of website design and development to make a website that is responsive. With Responsive website, I mean here is that design that detects the device and adjusts the layout accordingly. As the screen size gets smaller, the page may show fewer images, less text, or a simplified navigation. It is a perfect example of ‘one-size fits all’. This works great for smartphones, tablets, laptops, huge monitors, and even for the dashboard of your car.

With the drastic growth in the mobile usage, it is projected that the number of mobile devices will exceed the world’s population in the near future. There are 6.8 billion mobile phones used by more than 7 billion people already. Countries such as US, Brazil, Germany, Philippines, Iran and many have already more mobile devices than their population. (Source: Wikipedia)

That radical growth opens up a huge opportunity for retailers and other businesses to make them available to the mobile users on the go. These days people are using their smartphones for very purpose, from making a call to sending a text, social networking and doing every type of possible searches on the mobile web. The mobile search is big and is going to continue getting bigger. To take advantage of this technology it is important that your business possess a responsive website design that can be viewed perfectly on any hand held device.

Now, more than ever, it gets essential that users while searching on the mobile for a product related to yours are able to find your site with ease. Here is where Search engine optimization comes into play. When the search is made, the search engine spiders patrol the web and digs out the most relevant and best-equipped site as a result to answer the mobile user’s query.

Search Engine Optimization

Hopefully, by now you must have agreed to that ‘Mobile optimization and SEO go hand-in-hand’ and must have given you a fair idea of what responsive websites are and how they can help you in your business. Now, let’s talk about various ways to better mobile search engine optimization.

  1. Make it on the go: You should optimize your website for the user’s hand held devices. These devices usually come in numerous shapes and sizes. Websites designed for desktop typically do not execute well on hand-held devices, unless they have been made responsive. Moreover, you can provide mobile and desktop users with either the same URL (responsive design or dynamic serving) or different URLs (mobile-specific pages)
  1. Information rich: Create a relevant, information-rich website, and include pages with rich content. Pnder over some keywords that user’s would type to search your pages, and include those keywords in the website content wisely. The more relevant, compelling and regularly updated the content, the more frequently people and spiders will visit, and the more readily it will be recommended, by linking from other sites and social media. Instead of using images, use text to display important content or links. If you must use images for textual content, consider using the “ALT” attribute to include a few words of descriptive text.
  1. Use the unique capabilities of mobile devices: These days mobile devices comes with very distinct features, playing to the advantages of mobile devices will improve the mobile experience and thus improve SEO. There are some functions that do not exist for desktop such as SMS, camera, GPS, voice etc.Because of this mobile-optimized site is usually a different Website from the desktop site. There are so many such distinct features that are widely used across the globe by retailers. These are:
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Click to caller
  • Mobile/promotional coupons usually sent through sms
  • Store locator – Mobile’s GPS is coupled with mobile mapping for this feature can guide the visitor straight into your store.
  1. Local mobile searches: More than anything else, locality is of prime importance to Mobile searchers. The Our Mobile Planet survey (Ipsos and Google, May 2013) found that 94 percent of smartphone users had conducted a search for local information and 84 percent had taken action as a result. Another survey Mobile Search Moments (Nielsen and Google, March 2013) found that 63 percent of people who take action following a mobile search do so within an hour, 84 percent do so within five hours.
  1. Social Networks: These days’ Social networks have an undeniable fancy influence on all search engine discoverability; maximum users today access social networks from mobile devices. For example, 874 million or 74 percent of Facebook’s monthly users worldwide are mobile, according to Facebook’s Q3 earnings.
  1. Quick Mobile sites: Sadly the typical mobile page takes more than seven seconds to load. However, according to the new speed guidelines from Google says that ‘above the fold’ content should take less than 1 second to load. For the SEO purpose slow loading pages are not recommended and they can attract penalty from Google.
  1. Content should be visible and no hidden inside the apps: Web search engines can’t search in-app content. Using “app store optimization” and mobile advertising, you can make your ap more discoverable within mobile app stores.

In the near future, the traffic from mobile devices will outshine traffic from desktop devices. Still there is enough time to make your web presence felt across devices and ring the SEO and content marketing bell to ensure maximum reach.


What if Google wasn’t born?

credofy seo

You may want to call me a dud after reading the first few lines. However, I still would like to talk about it.

Being into this era of web for nearly 15+ years it is hard to imagine that any of us on Web could go for an elongated time without our much loved search engine. What if there were no search engines? Or say What if there was no GOOGLE?

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credofy seo


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Content – The King of web development!

website design

Typically not being considered a part of website designing which is oftentimes restricted to only technical aspects, website content is as important as any other phase of website development and designing is.

Though, visuals and images are essentials to any website as these are the first thing that visitors see when he views the website. The way a website design has been done forms the initial impression. However, after the initial impression Content is the king, as it plays the most significant part. For it is the content that connects to the visitor and keep them interested and bring them back to the website for more each time.

website design

For any website having a relevant and up-to the mark content is as essential as the aesthetics in the designing of the website that serves for a perfect user interface.

Lets ponder on ‘Why people chose to go to a website?’ The reason is for the search of information. They type in a URL, choose a bookmark, click on a link or simply put in keywords or key phrases in the search engines. Therefore, most of websites get the traffic from people in search of some or the other information on the web. Google now a day’s scan the whole web pages and the content they hold, therefore your website stands a better chance to be returned as a search result if it has appropriate, relevant and quality content. The more relevant your website content is to the search requested, the higher your page will appear in the results.

Once your website has quality and relevant content, other sites may want to attach to the content of your website and this too will in-turn get you more traffic and better rank on Google.

Usually, in the internet marketing industry content is treated as a separate entity aside optimization. However, the matter of fact is that website content comprises the foundation of your website. If your website hold the engaging and relevant content, it won’t matter much if the search engine optimization & SEM is performed or no. It will eventually get onto the page one of Google. People often mistakenly take SEO as the only reason to write. However, this nowhere is the case. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is done to increase your website and its content’s visibility across the web-sphere, where more and more people can read it.

Your website performance is highly influenced by the content it has and that is what it takes you to the better ranking. If you have useless or irrelevant content on the website, the users will chose to make a switch, hit the back button from your site and search for the more relevant information on your competitor sites may be. There is when the users are bouncing back from your website and your bounce rate goes miles up.

On the other hand, the best content can do is to engage people so much so as they become the return visitors to the site or bookmark or favorite it. This way the more people your site engages, the more you help by providing valuable content the bigger your reward will be. Want better conversions try helping people conquer their problems.

website design

At the end, the conclusion is that you must commit to memory; content is the essence of your website. Whichever way you chose to beautify your website, no matter how good your design is or how fast your site is, the only thing that people will come back to your website for is its CONTENT and it is the only King!

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Website – a digital experience

website design credofy

Despite being in this industry for a long a time, I never put a question to myself that ‘What is a website?’ What is website design?’ or simply ‘what is design?’. Let’s begin with website – “Website is a collection of web pages prepared and maintained as a compilation of information by a person, group, or organization”. Then what is website design or web design? Here we know what web is but have you ever thought of what design exactly is? Put up this question to 5 different people and you’ll get 5 distinct answers. You may find countless definitions of design on the web too.

A design is an outline, sketch, or plan intended for a specific purpose in the web language. Similarly it has its significance in the website design.

Oftentimes, a website design is usually taken as a visual aspect only. However, it involves much more than that such as its usability, navigation, audience and their surfing habits, layout, accessibility and many other logics put together to make the user experience superior. A single website is put together with so many design elements such as information construction, website structure, user interface, website layout, colors, contrasts, fonts and images as well as icons design. All the components are combined with the basic principles of design to be able to create an outstanding output that matches with the set objectives for the website.

website design credofy

However, these days only a good website design with groovy images, fabulous colors and as much as necessary content is not enough for the consumer’s best digital experience. Even the fanciest websites do not make it to the list of best websites, as they do not provide the visitors with easy to use format and sensible content. The consumers have set very high standards for any website performance. They usually don’t spend more than few seconds on a website if it doesn’t load quickly, in other words if it is slow they do not mind switching to the other websites instantaneously, that offer the similar information they are looking for. Also, with the advent of technology, quicker networks today’s end user does not want to feel the difference in experience while browsing a site on the web or on a hand held devices. There is negligible scope for any website to survive if it is slow or is not providing trustworthy information of value to visitors in a wise and easy-to-use format. Since there is no dearth of choices of sites for consumers online, they do not want to spend their time on sluggish websites.

website design credofy

It is not easy providing a great digital experience to your audiences. How a website performs is considered so vital these days that it has become a priority for achieving the success. To have a website designed perfectly it requires loads of effort and involves considerable planning and it takes into account not just how a website looks, but demands for the best of content, nature, easy to use navigation and how the information has been arranged.


The era has arrived where the designer should be so equipped that he should be able to design a website that should respond differently when viewed on devices of different dimensions but should be equally easy to use on each.



The dying mobile browsers… Really?

mobile applications

The app analytics provider Flurry, sometimes back released a data declaring the growing use of the apps on smart phones and slow death of the mobile browsers. According to the data released, the company states that users are spending way too much time on mobile devices, approximately 2 hours and 42 minutes per day, as compared to 2 hours, 38 minutes the previous year. The mobile app usage accounts for 5 minutes less than the total time spent that is 2 hours 19 minutes. On the other hand the mobile browser usage has declined from 20% to only 14%.

Dying mobile browsers

This clearly indicates that the users today are more inclined towards using the apps and not the browser on their devices. Flurry gather’s its data from a huge network of 450,000 mobile applications installed worldwide which testifies that apps continue to dominate the mobile browser.

Another strange revelation is that how a single company’s single application keeps the user engaged maximum time out of the total time spent on the device for example American’s spend 18% of all the time spend on their devices is utilized browsing Facebook application, which cuts the sorry figure for all the other social networking apps available in the sea of apps.

Facebook, collectively with Twitter (1.5%) and Social Messaging apps (9.5%) risen to 28% of time spent on mobile, slightly up from 24% last year, signifying the broader move from socializing on Facebook to sharing within smaller, more personal messaging apps.


“We believe that with consumers continuing to try so many new apps, the app market is still in early stages and there remains room for innovation as well as breakthrough new applications,” Flurry says.

With this can we say that the mobile browsers are dear already?

Not essentially, if we dig a little deeper into this data the conclusion changes. If we combine all the usage for apps in the utility, productivity, news & other categories we get 18% – just a bit higher than the 14% for mobile browsers. That makes it approximately a 50/50 show. Considering another data released by Google sometimes back that states 60% of apps downloaded from Google play aren’t installed and 80% of those were only used once before being deleted, I’d say Web apps (over native apps) are still the way to go for companies that provide a real service to consumers or businesses.

iOS and Android: the race is heating up

The mobile platform war is heating up. But who is winning? It is among the favorite topics of discussion or blogging these days. Even a small new chunk of tech evolution attracts a storm of internet space.

Time and again, the researchers will come up declaring that Android is beating iOS or that iOS is beating Android. I was reading through an article two days back which stated that Apple lost its battle to Android.

According to that article Android usage is now higher than iOS, Apple’s iPhone and iPad. The latest data from Net Applications (via 9to5Mac) accounts for the same. The Web traffic to Android is much higher than iOS, first time ever. This clearly depicts and ascertains that consumers are using more of Android applications than the iOS. How is it going to affect Apple in the years to come? The race is heating up. Android has been gearing up since a long time to win this competition. However, it wasn’t affecting much to Apple but now the game is changing.

Another story the other day declared that Android grabbed 85 per cent of Smartphone market, threatening to marginalize rival platforms. Also, the overall Smartphone shipments were up 27 percent from a year ago to 295 million, where the growth was seen the most for devices with Android platform.

Also, Apple’s global market share fell to 11.9 percent from 13.4 percent a year ago. Android is consistently proving itself to be a game changer. It’s easy to use applications and inexpensive services are extremely appealing to the consumer’s worldwide, thus gaining popularity.

Despite of all this chaos in the global markets for Apple, it is still going sturdy. It has hundreds of millions of users. The iPhone business is nowhere losing its shine with the majority of the consumers. So, we can conclude that it is just the not so favorable phase Apple is witnessing.


Mobile apps

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